Mailboxes and Forwarding

For security and convenience, many small businesses and local residents choose a private mailbox at  Wrap-N-Pack

We off Full-Service Mailboxes in two different sizes:

Large Full-Service Mailboxes:                        Small Full-Service Mailboxes:

   12 months: $170                                                            12 months:   $115

With full-service mailboxes,  you get a key to the lobby ($10 deposit)  and all packages are recieved at no charge.

Discount Mailboxes:mailboxes  12 months:  $59.95

With a Discount Mailbox, you have access to your mailbox   during business hours and there is a charge for items that do not fit into your mailbox.


Maybe you’re traveling or temporarily relocating? Wrap-N-Pack offers forwarding services to our mailbox customers.

Call or email Craig for details: